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Caring For A Young, Motherless Kitten

If you have found yourself in the position of caring for a kitten that's too young to be away from its mother, then that leaves you in the position of playing mommy to that baby. There is a specific way you need to care for a young kitten in order to keep it healthy and thriving. This article will walk you through the process of caring for a new kitten.

Feeding a young kitten

When it comes to feeding a young kitten, you'll need to buy kitten formula. You should never give a young kitten regular milk, as it can make them sick. When you get the kitten formula you want to warm it the same way you would warm a baby's formula. Put the formula in a bottle that's specifically designed for kittens and puppies. You can purchase both the formula and the bottle at a pet supply store, or get them from a veterinarian.

Hold the kitten in a soft towel and offer them the nipple of the bottle. Allow them to eat as much as they want. Once they are done you can clean them up and give them a few minutes to digest the meal before you help them go potty.

In most cases, the kitten will start stirring or making a little noise when it's time to feed them. However, you should offer them the bottle every few hours even if they aren't acting hungry.

Helping the kitten go to the bathroom

A young kitten needs its momma to go to the bathroom. Since the momma cat isn't available, you will have to help them. The momma cat will lick the kitten's lower belly and genitals to help them relieve themselves. You can replicate this action by using a warm and soft washcloth. Keep in mind, you want the washcloth to be about as warm as a cats tongue, no hotter.

Take the kitten and hold it straight up or on its back, whatever is most comfortable for the kitten. Put your index finger in the washcloth and lightly rub the kitten's lower abdomen down onto their genitals. Rub from front to back so you don't cause them to get a UTI. Once they relieve themselves you can put them to bed.

Keeping the kitten warm

You should keep the kitten in a box. To keep them warm you want to put a heating pad in the bottom of the box and put it on the lowest setting. Put a towel on top of the heating pad so they don't get too hot.

If you have any concerns about the health of the kitten, you should take it in to a veterinarian like Bayshore Animal Hospital & Bird Practice as soon as possible. They can be very fragile and you want to catch any problems very early so there is an increased chance of treating them.