How To Determine If Your Cat Has A Fever

Finding out that your cat has a fever can be a scary thing, but it's imperative that if your cat has a fever that you recognize the signs and symptoms of one. Unfortunately, many pet parents mistakenly believe that they can detect a cat's fever via a variety of methods that aren't that effective. Here is what does and doesn't work in determining if your cat has a fever, as well as what is considered a fever for cats. [Read More]

Getting Your Guinea Pig Neutered? 3 Ways To Make Them Comfortable

A great way to make sure that your guinea pig lives a long and healthy life is through getting them neutered when they are younger. Not only can neutering help prevent potential diseases and cancers from affecting your guinea pig, it can also help prevent behavioral issues and give your male guinea pig a better temperament. Keeping your male guinea pig with females is also an option once neutering is done, providing you with more options for companionship with your guinea pig. [Read More]

Incision Inspector: What You Need To Look For While Your Dog Heals From Her Spay Surgery

If your dog is coming home from the hospital following her ovariohysterectomy, or spay, it is going to be up to you, her loving pet parent, to make sure that she heals quickly and uneventfully. Part of your nursing duties includes making a visual inspection of her incision every morning and every evening during her recovery period. Knowing what to look for will enable you to address potential complications before they can become serious. [Read More]

Canine Ear Infections: A Nuisance And A Danger For Your Furry Friend

Has your dog been shaking his or her hear head or rubbing it on the floor or ground? Has he or she been scratching her ears incessantly or are the ears red and inflamed or have a foul odor? Summer is a prime time for ear infections, and if you notice any of these signs, your pup may be a victim. Causes Inflamed ears or ear infections have many causes. They can be due to food or environmental allergies, which change the ear environment or cause severe itching that causes trauma to the ear. [Read More]