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3 Benefits Of Peanut Butter For Dogs

There are many different foods and treats that your dog will enjoy. Unfortunately, some of these treats are not actually healthy choices for your dog. Peanut butter is an excellent choice for your dog for many reasons. Giving your dog peanut butter offers many benefits that may surprise you. Here are a few benefits of peanut butter for your dog.

1. Vitamins

Peanut butter can be used as a vitamin supplement, but it is important to choose the right type of peanut butter.

First and foremost, avoid giving them sugar-free or lite versions. These varieties may seem like a healthier choice, but the artificial sweeteners used in these kinds of peanut butter can be toxic to your dogs. Offer your dog raw, unsalted peanut butter only to ensure they are consuming a delicious and healthy treat.

Peanut butter contains vitamin E, which will improve your dog's immune system. An improved immune system will help your dog fight off illness, infections, and disease.

Peanut butter is also a good source of vitamin B. This vitamin is essential for your dog's coat, helping to strengthen it while improving its overall feel and shine.

Lastly, peanut butter contains omega-3 fatty acids that offer anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming a small portion of peanut butter each day can reduce stress and inflammation on your dog's joints. This can be incredibly important if your dog has arthritis.

2. Relaxation

Some dog breeds have an excess amount of energy that can cause them to chew or scratch on things they should not make contact with. If your dog is constantly chewing on shoes or personal belongings and scratching on furniture, they may be bored or stressed out.

Thankfully, peanut butter is a great tool for helping your dog relax. Consider spreading this chewy, gooey treat on a rubber chew toy and allowing them to lick and enjoy the treat for a large portion of time.

Your dog will not only be receiving essential vitamins and minerals but chewing and licking the treat covered in peanut butter will help them focus and relax.

3. Medication

Peanut butter can be used as a tool to help your dog take medication, as well.

Many dogs refuse to consume heartworm, pest control, and other medications because of their distinct smell. Wrapping the medication in a layer of peanut butter will mask the smell, making it more appealing to consume.

Found in most household pantries, peanut butter is a great treat for your entire family-including your dog. From a vitamin supplement and relaxation tool to help for administering medication, it is easy to see the enormous benefits of peanut butter for your dog.

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