Pet Health Problems That Can Be Prevented By The Spaying Procedure

Spaying your dog isn't just about preventing canine pregnancy and overpopulation. Spaying your dog will most likely have other beneficial consequences down the road, like reducing the likelihood that your dog will develop severe health problems. The following are just a few of the most common health problems that you can protect your dog from by having her spayed: Reduced chances of cancer in the a mammary glands Just like people, dogs can get breast cancer. [Read More]

4 Things Rabbit Owners Need To Know About Bladder Stones

Bladder stones are a common problem for pet rabbits. Here are four things that rabbit owners need to know about this painful problem. What causes bladder stones? Bladder stones occur when mineral deposits form in the urinary tract. These mineral deposits can form for many different reasons. Here are some of the possible causes of bladder stones in rabbits. Not eating a well-balanced diet, such as a diet with an imbalanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus; A genetic pre-disposition to bladder stones; Infections in the urinary tract; Not drinking enough water, which means that minerals are more concentrated in the urine and can clump together in the bladder; Diseases such as metabolic disorders. [Read More]

3 Things Rabbit Owners Need To Know About G.I. Stasis

Gastrointestinal stasis, also called G.I. stasis, is a serious problem for rabbits. It means that food isn't moving through the digestive system like it's supposed to. Here are three things you need to know about G.I. stasis in rabbits. What causes it? G.I. stasis can have many different causes. It may occur as a result of an improper diet, such as a diet low in fiber. G.I. stasis can also develop if your rabbit stops eating, which can happen if they are stressed, sick, or in pain. [Read More]

No Leaders Of The Pack: How To Best Introduce A Second Dog

Adopting a second dog is likely to be a really exciting event for all the humans in your family, but your canine companion may view this pet adoption as a bit of a threat. In order to prevent conflicts between the new canine adopted "siblings," it's important to plan the transition carefully. Plan Things Carefully Dogs like socialization and company just like people do, but nobody is going to enjoy being forced into a new lifelong relationship out of the blue with the demand for instant closeness. [Read More]