Essential Tips For Pad Training Dogs

If you have dogs that either don't like going outside or have injuries that makes it difficult for them to walk long distances, you might wan to pad train them indoors. This is also a good option if you live in a high rise apartment building and you don't want the dog to have to hold it while you are on the elevator or going down the stairs. Here are some tips for pad training your dogs. [Read More]

How To Train Your Dog To Love His Bath

A happy dog is a dog that runs and plays outside during the day, gets dirty, plays fetch, and stays with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, these things are not conducive to a dog we like to have sit on the couch with us in the evening. In order to allow your dog to run and play during the day and also invite him indoors at night, you have to regularly bathe your dog. [Read More]

Mat Removal Tips For Your Dog

Matted hair on your dog is more than just an appearance issue, it is also a health issue. Matted hair can become infested with bacteria and germs, dried blood, or feces. This can lead to skin irritation or infection. Severe matting can also make it difficult for a dog to move, as well, which can cause muscle and joint issues. The following tips can help you deal with any mats that your dog develops. [Read More]

Christmas Tree Tea Isn't For Kitty: How Your Christmas Tree Water Can Hurt Your Cat

If you're planning on buying a Christmas tree or already have one in your home, you're probably well aware that keeping your cat away from it is nearly impossible. However, even if you take all the steps you can to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree itself, there may be one important aspect that you've overlooked: keeping your cat away from the Christmas tree water. If you have a live tree that's soaking in water to keep it fresh, make sure to read this guide to keep your cat safe. [Read More]