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Essential Tips For Pad Training Dogs

If you have dogs that either don't like going outside or have injuries that makes it difficult for them to walk long distances, you might wan to pad train them indoors. This is also a good option if you live in a high rise apartment building and you don't want the dog to have to hold it while you are on the elevator or going down the stairs. Here are some tips for pad training your dogs.

Start With Crate Training

Crate training is highly recommended when you are trying to pad train a puppy or dog. It teaches them that when they need to go, they should go directly to the pads inside your home. To crate train, you want to start by getting a crate that is large enough for the dog to remain comfortable. It should be able to stand up and turn around in the crate. Provide soft, comfortable bedding in the crate and access to fresh water. Keep the dog in the crate except during meal times and play time. When you take the dog to potty, let it out of the crate and direct it right toward the pad to relieve its bladder. Continue doing this until you feel the dog has learned to use the pad.

Keep the Pads in One Area

If you attempt to put pads in multiple areas of your home, it can make it difficult for the dog to understand where it is supposed to go potty. It might be confused and think all the carpeting and flooring is the same as the pads, and start going on the floor. Choose one location of the home that is easy for the dog to get to and place the pads there only. Do not move the pads if at all possible.

Reward the Dog After Using the Pads

Every time your dog relieves its bladder on the pad, praise it and give it a treat. This teaches the dog that it has done something good. Dogs want to please their owners, so it won't take long before the dog is encouraged to keep going on the pad and getting rewarded. Positive reinforcement is very important in any type of potty training including pad training. If the dog has an accident, never rub its nose in it. Simply correct the behavior and only praise the dog when it goes potty in the right spot.

Contact Berlin Township Animal Hospital or another veterinarian for more tips and information on training your dog.