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How To Train Your Dog To Love His Bath

A happy dog is a dog that runs and plays outside during the day, gets dirty, plays fetch, and stays with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, these things are not conducive to a dog we like to have sit on the couch with us in the evening. In order to allow your dog to run and play during the day and also invite him indoors at night, you have to regularly bathe your dog. With a little bit of forethought and some good doggy shampoo, this is a task that you can tackle once or twice a month. Here is a procedure you can follow to bathe your dog:

  • Brush Dog - Thoroughly brush your dog's coat before you bathe him to loosen old dog hairs and get rid of fur tangles on dogs with long coats. Start at the top of the head and work down and back over your entire dog including his undersides, chest, belly, and tail. 
  • Place Dog in Bathtub - Have your dog stand in the bathtub as you sit on the side of the bathtub to bathe him. In that way, your dog feels that you are with them in this activity and he will be calm and less likely to want to run away. 
  • Wet Dog - Thoroughly wet your dog with a spray hose attachment placed on the bathtub faucet. Start with warm water on the dog's back and work up the neck to the top of the head. Avoid getting water in the dog's ears and eyes as this may scare him and he might bolt and run. 
  • Lather Dog - Buy a good quality dog shampoo with natural ingredients like oatmeal, aloe vera, coconut oil, kelp, shea butter, tea tree oil, vitamin E, and without soap. These ingredients will soothe a dog's skin and keep it moist. Avoid a dog shampoo with soap as it can dry out a dog's skin and burn the eyes. A good alternative to dog shampoo is to wash your dog with baby shampoo, as it is gentle, thoroughly cleans the coat, and does not irritate the eyes. 
  • Rinse Dog - Rinse continually as you wash your dog. In this way, you can avoid a mess if your dog decides he's had enough and tries to run off. Also, the warm water from the spray hose attachment can be soothing to your dog and will keep him calm. 
  • Wash Dog's Face and Ears - Carefully wash your dog's muzzle, nose, cheeks, whiskers, forehead, and around his eyes. Wash the outer part of your dog's ears and avoid getting shampoo or water inside. Rinse well after you wash his face and ears.
  • Wash Dog's Legs and Feet - Wash your dog's legs with shampoo from his shoulders and upper thighs to his toes. Lift your dog's feet and wash his toes and foot pads. Be sure and wash the inside of each leg where it connects to his chest and stomach. 

Bathing your dog can stop skin itching and get rid of doggy odors. As you bathe your dog, speak calmly to reassure and praise him and do not rush. With very little effort you can teach your dog that bath time is fun and pleasant. Reward your dog with a treat as you dry him with a towel and he will learn to love his bath.