How To Handle Holiday Medical Emergencies For Pets

The holidays bring large feasts and get-togethers with friends and family. These events can wreak havoc on pets, both physically and psychologically. It is important to have the number of an emergency vet within easy reach, and to know when to seek medical attention for a pet during the holidays. Emergency vet visits are more expensive than visits to the vet during normal business hours; however, in an emergency situation, a pet's health is worth the added cost. [Read More]

Three Tips for Brushing Your Cat's Teeth

If you have a pet cat, then you want to be sure that you are keeping up with their health needs. This includes regular visits to the vet, regular bathing, and even teeth brushing. Yes, cats need their teeth to be brushed too. Without regular teeth brushing, your cat can suffer from tooth decay, which will then result in the loss of some teeth. Eventually, your cat may not be able to eat certain foods, and even eating in general can become uncomfortable for them. [Read More]

What To Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting

Many changes occur in women when they are pregnant; however, have you ever thought about the changes that occur in your feline? If your cat is not spayed, there is always a chance that she is pregnant. Even indoor cats get out, especially when they are in heat. You have up to 72 days to notice that your cat is about to have a litter of her own, and it is better for her health if you spot the signs early on. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Laser Pain Management For Dogs

If your dog is in pain, then naturally you will want to try to help them to cope with it. Laser pain management is one of the most effective treatments you can use to help your dog manage pain. If you are thinking about trying the procedure but have a lot of questions, then many of them will be answered here. What Exactly Does The Procedure Entail? The procedure involves using an infrared light on the part of the dog's body that is injured. [Read More]