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2 Reasons To Consider Taking Your Cat To The Vet Immediately

Owning a cat can often be a difficult thing as the cat will often not show any outward signs of any discomfort when he or she is feeling ill or is injured. However, you will want to consider taking your cat to the vet immediately if you notice that he or she is not grooming himself or herself normally or if he or she is starting to vocalize excessively.

Not Grooming Himself Or Herself Normally

Cats are extremely clean and neat creatures, often spending many hours grooming their coats. As a result of this almost obsessive grooming habit, it is easy to tell that something is wrong if your cat simply stops grooming himself or herself entirely.

You will want to take your cat to the vet if he or she has stopped grooming because this can often be a sign that your cat is sick or in pain. If your cat is in pain due to arthritis or other condition, it can be too painful for him or her to stretch and move around enough to groom himself or herself. In that situation, a vet can provide pain medication and seek to cure the root cause of the pain in order to to help your cat get comfortable enough to groom himself or herself properly again.

Your cat can also stop grooming himself or herself entirely if he or she simply does not have the energy. In that situation, there is a good chance that your cat is sick and that is causing the lethargic behavior, so you will want to consider taking him or her to the vet immediately in order to rule out a potentially dangerous illness and begin treatment.

Vocalizing Excessively

Another reason to consider taking your cat to the vet as soon as possible is if your cat has started meowing more loudly and frequently than normal. In many cases, when a cat starts vocalizing more frequently and loudly it can mean that you cat is beginning to develop problems with his or her hearing. If your cat is starting to go deaf, your vet can check to see if the condition can be stopped before total hearing loss occurs while also prescribing medication to calm your cat until he or she adjusts to the hearing loss.

Pay a visit to a local veterinarian like Northside Emergency Pet Clinic today if you have noticed any uncharacteristic or odd behavior from your cat. Meowing more frequently and loudly than normal can be a sign of hearing loss, while a lack of grooming can be a sign that your cat is experiencing pain from an injury or is lethargic due to an illness.