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Keep Your Dog Safe From Holiday Hazards

With winter comes the holiday season and a number of dangers for your dogs. Your furry friend can get himself in a whole lot of trouble very quickly with all of the additional hazards during this season. Below, you will find out what some of these potential dangers are to help you keep your dog safe through winter and the holiday season.

Christmas Decorations

Decking the halls with boughs of holly is a lot of fun and transforms your home from traditional to terrific. The Christmas decorations you are putting up around your home can pose a great risk to your canine companion. To keep your dog as safe as possible:

  • Don't use tinsel on your tree – your dog could eat it and suffer from bowel obstruction or choke.
  • Tape wiring to the floor – extension cords and strings of light should be secured with duct tape so that your dog cannot chew on it.
  • Secure your tree – use mounting clips on the floor or wall behind the tree to keep it from falling over if/when your dog brushes up against it.
  • Put the candy dish up – as inviting as it is to have a dish of candy on the coffee table for your guests, put it up high where your dog cannot get it. Some candy contains chocolate or xylitol – both of which can take your dog's life.
  • Limit seasonal plants – holly and poinsettias can be deadly for animals if they are ingested. If you must have these plants in your home during the holidays, keep them in places that your dog cannot get to them.

Holiday Hosting

Having your friends and family over for dinner is a lot of fun, but your dog may be put at risk because of them. Make sure that your guests know not to feed your dog things that can make him sick – like ham or turkey that can cause your dog to suffer from pancreatic inflammation.

If your dog isn't used to being around children and your guests are bringing children, it would probably be best to keep your dog in your bedroom or his kennel until the children have gone for the night. You don't want the child hurting the dog or the dog hurting the child.

Tip: If you are hosting day-long parties, consider boarding your dog at local boarding services, such as Marcum Road Animal Hospital. This will remove the responsibilities you have to care for your dog during an already busy day and ensure that he is cared for during the long day.

Deicing Products

Don't use halite to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Halite is poisonous to dogs if it is ingested. If your dog goes out and walks across the driveway or sidewalk, he will get residue stuck to his feet and probably lick it off when he comes back in the house.

Use pet-safe deicing products that can be found at your local home improvement and pet stores.

If you keep these few things in mind over the holidays, your pet and your family can have a joyous and safe season together.