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The Benefits Of Laser Pain Management For Dogs

If your dog is in pain, then naturally you will want to try to help them to cope with it. Laser pain management is one of the most effective treatments you can use to help your dog manage pain. If you are thinking about trying the procedure but have a lot of questions, then many of them will be answered here.

What Exactly Does The Procedure Entail?

The procedure involves using an infrared light on the part of the dog's body that is injured. The light will increase the amount of blood that gets into the injured area, which helps to promote healing. The procedure also works by triggering the release of endorphins in your dog's body, which assists in relieving pain.

Does The Procedure Relieve All Kinds Of Pain?

The procedure is very helpful in relieving pain caused by chronic arthritis and pain caused by ligament strains. However, the procedure can also be used to relieve ear, bladder and skin inflammation in dogs.

Do Dogs Experience Any Side Effects From This Treatment?

There are no side effects from the treatment, and your dog will not feel any pain from the procedure itself. Your pet may become anxious during the initial stages of the procedure. You should do your best to calm your pet, but this anxiety will often go away as the procedure continues.

How Can I Help My Dog At Home After The Procedure?

You do not have to limit your dog's activities too much after treatment or give them any special diet. In fact, due to the pain relief that your dog will experience, you may find that they become more active. This is normal and should be encouraged.

How Long Will Treatment Results Last?

The pain relief that your dog will experience from the procedure is instant and a single course of treatments can provide months of pain relief for your dog.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Treatment?

You should be prepared to make several visits to the veterinarian to complete a course of treatment. Most veterinarians will offer you a package price for a course of treatment in order to reduce cost.

When your pet is in pain it affects their life and yours. Laser pain management will help to eradicate their pain and get your pet to enjoy life once again. This will not only enhance their life, but yours as well. For more information, contact a pet hospital that offers this treatment, such as Columbine Animal Hospital & Emergency Clinic.